Please join us on a unique journey on how to promote Gender Equality as a Force for Peace

Gender equality is one of the key components of positive peace.


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Countries are more peaceful and prosperous when women have equal rights and opportunities. Involving the whole of society in peace and security, leads to more sustainable peace.


Research shows that the single greatest predictor of a nation at war is not the level of wealth or democracy, or the presence of religious/ethnic conflict, but rather the level of violence perpetrated against women. The status of women is not only the single greatest predictor of state stability, but women themselves have the capacity to be powerful agents in conflict prevention and resolution. Even within relatively peaceful states, higher levels of gender equality correspond to a lower propensity for conflict.


Our starting point is that peace starts from the home, therefore we need peaceful and prosperous homes and individuals in order to have peaceful and prosperous societies. With our work, we fight against the so-called “structures and cultures of violence” to foster more equal, peaceful, and thriving societies where everyone would have equal opportunities, and children would have healthy and carefree childhoods.


For this purpose, we have designed a workshop where Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotaractors and Rotarians can discuss, join their efforts, and form mutual partnerships in the fight against gender-based and domestic violence. We prepared 3 projects that address urgent community needs in 3 countries:


Project 1: In Switzerland, implementation of a nation-wide public campaign against domestic violence, with the aim to destigmatize the problem of domestic violence, make information on the problem and reference to women’s shelters widely known, and demand for comprehensive measures against domestic violence. The motto of the campaign will be “Stop domestic violence - It affects us all”.


Project 2: In Nigeria, providing the capacity building and resources to form a cohesive national coalition working on needed policy changes to confront the escalating epidemic of violence against women, where leaders and organizations involved will use the skills acquired from the training to create a national campaign to lobby for nation-wide policy change needed to protect women and girls in Nigeria.

Project 3: In Kenya, providing support for the Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Program developed with LeMaiyan Hospital in Kitengela, for a full time SGBV Program Manager to provide patient assessment and screening, counselling, safety planning, and referral services as well as supplies and travel expenses for prevention and outreach activities.


We would be delighted for you to join us in our work on gender equality and peace.

Natasha Dimitrovska
Victoria Cochrane-Buchmueller
Marion Froeschle, phD
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