Linking Peace and Economic Development


Economic development is essential in creating conditions essential to economic growth and prosperity internationally.



Economic development is critical to peace-building and, likewise, peace fosters economic development and growth. The two are intrinsically interconnected as one is needed for the other to flourish. All aspects of economic development - improving the standard of living of citizens through job creation, support for innovation, enhancement of wealth, increase in per capita income, and, correspondingly, improvement of economic well-being and quality of life. These are vital to the creation of peaceful societies. However, economic development initiatives do not automatically lead to peace; some can inadvertently undermine peace if they are not under the Positive Peace framework and are not designed in a peace-conducive basis.   


To advance peace-building in connection with economic development, we have elaborated 4 projects:

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Project 1: Creating a Microenterprises Network in the slums of El Alto (La Paz, Bolivia) to Reduce Domestic Violence - Project Details here

Project 2: Activating Sustainable Peace By Empowering Vulnerable Women In Kisumu, Kenya - Kenya - Project Details here

Project 3: Providing Economic Mobility to Palestinian Youth Through Social Entrepreneurship in Tulkarem City - Palestine - Project Details here

Project 4: Chocolate, Mole, Mushrooms & Social tissue - Mexico - Project Details here


The four  proposals for peace projects are developed based on Rotary’s guidelines for Global Grants. 


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