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Fighting Disease

Rotary educates and equips communities to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases like polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. We improve and expand access to low-cost and free health care in developing areas.


Contact Eva Czermak at eva.czermak@gmx.at

Ni Abacu - Prevention and treatment of diabetes, hypertension and cervical carcinoma and help to people suffering from these, Burundi.
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Eva Czermak

MD, E.MA,  Rotary Peace Fellow of Chulalongkorn University Thailand; Manager of Ambulatorium Caritas Marienambulanz (medical assistance to marginalized groups and people without health insurance) in Graz, Austria

Ndayirukiye Jean Pierre, MD,MPH
Ndayirukiye Jean-Pierre.jpg

President RC Gitega Rukinzo 2020-2021, Burundi

Executive Director of  IPROSARUDE (Initiative for Promotion of Rural Health and Development )