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List of Projects 2020

Building Trust in Post Conflict Communities   

Inner Peace

Outer Peace

  1. Ending the Cycle of Violence: Empowering communities to overcome conflicts and trauma for building a peaceful future (Eastern DRCongo, South Kivu and beyond)

  2. Creating the human conditions for overcoming trauma, hatred and fear.

  3. Women Peace Ambassadors in Georgia.         Laureate and Winning Project

  4. Cooperative communication: Understanding each other again

  1. Explosive Hazard Clearance in Eastern Ukraine

  2. Mine Victim Assistance in the Remote Badakhshan Region of Afghanistan

Health as a Pillar of Peace

  1. Ni abacu - cervical cancer, diabetes & hypertension: prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in Burundi

  2. Family Planning Contributing to Positive Peace in the Tea Tribes Community of Assam, India

  3. Project Sankhu - prevention and treatment of burn victims at SKM hospital, Nepal

Using Cultural Resources for Peace

  1. Fine Arts Academy: Orchestrating Peace Through Arts & Science (Iraq)

  2. The Neighbours: Enhancing Dialogue and Peacebuilding Among Young People in Bangladesh

  3. Let There be Light: Establishing a Training Center to Empower Rohingya Women and Children Living in Bangladesh

  4. Shantinalay: A Place for Peace: Exploring the Deep Meanings of Folk Music (Bangladesh)

  5. Rock for Peace: Human Rights Education Through Arts and Sports at Polish Woodstock Festival (Poland)

Promoting Dignity in Refugee/Migrant Host Communities

  1. Social music for children in Cyprus – Collaboration with El Sistema.

  2. Artist-in-Residence program for young visual artists.

  3. Cooking as a mode of communication between migrant/refugee communities and other communities in Europe

  4. Rotarian business and community networks in service to sponsor asylum-seekers or recent refugees in professional paid traineeship positions

Linking Peace and Economic Development

  1. Activating Sustainable Peace By Empowering Vulnerable Women In Kisumu, Kenya

  2. Creating a Microenterprises Network in the slums of El Alto to Reduce Domestic Violence,La Paz, Bolivia

  3. Chocolate, Mole And Mushrooms For Positive Peace In Mixteca Oaxaca, Mexico          Laureate

  4. Providing Economic Mobility to Palestinian Youth Through Social Entrepreneurship in Tulkarem City, Palestine

Gender Equality as a Force for Peace

  1. Safe Home: Fighting domestic violence in Switzerland / International.

  2. Gender Violence: Hospital-based prevention, treatment, and safety interventions in Kenya.         Laureate

Peace through Education

  1. VoiceMore and Orphaned Children, Uganda – WarChild          Laureate

  2. Peacebuilding Education and Action for Impact – World Beyond War

  3. Child of Empire – Healing the Wounds of Partition – Project Daastan - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

New Technologies and Peace

  1. Transforming High-Risk Youth in Post-Conflict Society From Gang Violence, Drug Addiction, and Trauma to Community Leader Using Digitization and Gamification

  2. Reducing dehumanization and support for violence in Nigeria

  3. SurgiBox: An operating theatre in a backpack system that aims to improve access to safe surgical care in conflict, humanitarian crisis and austere settings

Climate Change and Peace

  1. Education for lasting peace and climate resilience in Ethiopia: (Wolaita Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region – SNNPR)

  2. The voice of the river, a global voice

  3. Capacity Enhancement for forecasting for Tana/Athi River Basins

  4. Promoting responsible and climate-smart ASM practices and monitoring of water quality.

  5. Rhône basin Project (Sion, Lausanne, Geneva, Lyon, Valence and Arles).

Intergenerational Peace Building

  1. “My first approach to positive peace in Colombia.” (Colombia)

  2. “Education and opportunities for street children.” (India)         Laureate

  3. “Sustainable sugarcane production.” (Colombia)

  4.  “Positive peace for all.” (Mexico)

  5. “I can be my own saviour.” (Mexico)

  6. “El Faro (The Lighthouse)” (Colombia)

  7. “Empower local economic development in victims of conflict.” (Colombia)

  8. “Ma nxu: Our home, our house in Otomi language.” (Mexico)

  9. “We are Culture” (Colombia)

  10. “The Planet is our Home” (Colombia)

  11. “Environmental Child Education” (India)

  12. "Don't fight - talk it out" (Turkey)

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