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Promoting Dignity in Refugee/Immigrant Host Communities

“It is the obligation of every person born in a safer room to open the door when someone in danger knocks.”
                                                      — Dina Nayeri, Iranian-American Novelist



Do you know the power of art, food, music in building bridges between migrant/refugee communities and host societies?


Our refugee/migrant projects aim to highlight what brings refugee and migrant communities together with host societies through initiatives in Cyprus and Ireland which will add to a wider European and global conversation about how we can create spaces for refugee and migrant voices in our host communities. We propose to link the activities of the Rotary Club with existing initiatives involving art, food, and music. Finally, we also propose that Rotary Club members will be able to use their business networks to improve the lives of asylum seekers and refugees integrating into the labour system in Europe.

Contact Marios Antoniou for Project 1 at

Project 1: Social Music for Social Equity. Creating orchestras in collaboration with Sistema-Cyprus and using music as a tool for the social empowerment of refugee and immigrant children. Project Details here


Contact Alden Jacobs for Project 2 at


Project 2:  Visual Voices Artist-in-Residence for Peacebuilding. Project Details here


Contact Sinead McGrath for Project 3 and 4 at

​Project 3: Our Table & Migrant Catering Initiatives. Collaborating with and supporting migrant-led food initiatives for cooking and catering purposes for Rotary events. Project Details here

Project 4: Refugee Business Initiative. use the business and community networks of Rotarians to sponsor asylum-seekers or recent refugees in professional paid traineeship positions. Project Details here



Sinead McGrath

Rotary Peace Fellow at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires from 2010-11, Doctoral Researcher in University College Dublin & Lecturer in Conflict and Migration, Maynooth University, Ireland

Marios Antoniou, Ph.D
Marios Prof Picture.jpg

2008-2010 Rotary Peace Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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