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From inner to outer Peace - action possibilities for building trust in post-conflict communities

A conflict only ends when people return to a normal life.


These projects can assist post-conflict communities in transcending the legacy of conflict: fear, hate and insecurity. This is an essential precondition if peace and economic prosperity are to flourish. Work must be accomplished at two levels:


1. Creating the human conditions for overcoming trauma, hate and fear.

2. Creating the material conditions for economic reconstruction.


Our two sub-themes will focus on how progress can be made in both areas by the design of specific, actionable projects to rebuild prosperity and trust in communities following a conflict.

Contact Karin Augustat for Project 1 at


Project 1: Ending the Cycle of Violence:Empowering communities to overcome conflicts and trauma for building a peaceful future. Project Details here


Contact Nino Lotishvili for Project 2 at

Project 2: Women Peace Ambassadors for the South Caucasus. Project Details here

Contact Jelena Stanulovic for Project 3 at

Project 3: Cooperative Communication: Understanding Each Other Again. Western Balkans (Kosovo & Belgrade) Project Details here




Creating the material conditions for economic reconstruction

We will focus on mine actions particularly in two countries that currently require dedicated attention – Afghanistan and Ukraine – but the organizers are open for other countries in need. The intention is to develop projects addressing mine risk education, de-mining, and victim assistance. Actions in these areas are particularly relevant because it is historically proven that they reduce violence and casualties, enables recovery, peacebuilding, and resilience. Therefore, projects in this area play a critical role in facilitating economic development.


Contact Patrick Favre for Project 6 at

Project 4: Mine Victim Assistance in the Remote Badakhshan Region of Afghanistan. Project Details here

Contact Dirk Lustig for Project 7 at

Project 5: Explosive Hazard Clearance in Eastern Ukraine. Project Details here


Details for other projects to follow



Both sub-themes address the same challenges within separate contexts of material and social reconstruction after extremely traumatic experiences. Both are linked by the themes of reconstruction and reconciliation, the building blocks for positive peace.

Inner Peace Team

Karin Augustat
Karin Augustat.jpg

Rotary Peace Fellow at Chulalongkorn University/Bangkok 2018. consultant, coach, trainer, psycho-/trauma-therapist,worked in different countries in Africa and Asia, mainly in Women and Environment, Community-based Management of Natural Resources, Rural & Community Development, Adult Education, Psycho-social support and Peacebuilding.

Nino Lotishvili
Nino Lotishvili.jpg

Rotary Peace Fellowship at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand (Class 22), launched an initiative of Peace Research Centre Tbilisi and Mindful Georgia

Jelena Stalunovic

Charter President Rotary Club Belgrade International,

experienced marketing communicator and customer experience professional  in the field of Advertising, Customer Relationship Management, PR, and Event Management

Victoria Gabioud
Victoria - picture .png
Sanela Music
Sanela Music Photo.PNG

Founder and president of the NGO SANCHILD, as well as member of Rotary Club Geneva International. She is an HR Consultant

Rotary Peace Fellow from Argentina at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom (2011-2012), she is a Human Rights Officer at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva

Outer Peace Team

Hans-Jörg Eberle
Hans-Jörg Eberle.png

Humanitarian professional,  co-founders of FSD. Member of Rotary Club Genève International, in charge of  several Rotary Global Grant projects, notably for Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon

Dirk Lustig

Former Associate Board Member World Economic Forum, 25 years entrepreneur in Ukraine,
President of Rotary Club Kyiv Multinational, Initiator of Rotary Peacebuilding Initiative for Ukraine

Patrick Favre
Patrick Favre.jpg

Active, dedicated and committed Rotarian,
Patrick Favre is a past-president of RC Neuchâtel and founder of RC Neuchâtel Lac, District 1990 permanently involved in several Rotarian projects, at local, District and International level. He is a trainer and coach

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