Please join us on a unique journey that will introduce you to a reflection on action possibilities for building trust in post-conflict communities

A conflict only ends when people return to a normal life.

This workshop will develop projects that can assist post-conflict communities in transcending the legacy of conflict: fear, hate and insecurity. This is an essential precondition if peace and economic prosperity are to flourish. Work must be accomplished at two levels:

1. Creating the material conditions for economic reconstruction.

2. Creating the human conditions for overcoming trauma, hate and fear.

Our two sub-workshops will focus on how progress can be made in both areas by the design of specific, actionable projects to rebuild prosperity and trust in communities following a conflict.


  • Creating the material conditions for economic reconstruction

We will focus on mine actions particularly in two countries that currently require dedicated attention – Afghanistan and Ukraine – but the organizers are open for other countries in need.

The intention is to develop projects addressing mine risk education, de-mining, and victim assistance. Actions in these areas are particularly relevant because it is historically proven that they reduce violence and casualties, enables recovery, peacebuilding, and resilience. Therefore, projects in this area play a critical role in facilitating economic development.

  • Creating the human conditions for overcoming trauma, hater, and fear

We will focus on the Balkan region where there remains an urgent need to build trust in post-conflict communities, to heal existing scars and to promote a more inclusive and collaborative way of living.

We aim to develop projects using a specific toolkit that promotes peace and reconciliation with an approach “From Inner to Outer Peace”.  This toolkit can later be applied to similar projects, globally.

Both sub-workshops address the same challenges within separate contexts of material and social reconstruction after extremely traumatic experiences. Both are linked by the themes of reconstruction and reconciliation, the building blocks for positive peace.

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