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Education, simply put, is peacebuilding by another name. It is the most effective form of defense spending that there is.           Kofi Anan


Education is a significant contributor to peace. Despite this, less than 2% of global humanitarian aid goes towards education. With 75 million children and young people out of school in 35 crisis-affected countries, investment in sustainable education programmes is imperative. Short term, the direct effects of armed conflict on children’s education is clear. Schools destroyed, used by military forces or occupied by displaced people. This impact is magnified in the long-term, spanning past childhood, and impacting individuals, families, and communities well beyond the classroom. The aftermath of the pandemic will also take its toll due to the social disruption it causes. This is an opportunity for Rotarians to facilitate peace within communities across the world through education.

Contact Amardeep Kainth at for Project 1 and 2


Project 1: War Child: Youth Participation for Better Child Protection, Uganda. Project Details here


Project 2: Project Daastan - Child of Empire. Edcation Workshop on Partition Trauma, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Project Details here


Contact Phill Gittins at for Project 3

Project 3: Peace Education and Action for Impact: A developmental learning, mentoring, and peace project experience that equips young peacebuilders in 10 or more different countries to advance positive change within and beyond their communities.  Project Details here



Projects are been designed in line with the requirements of the Global Grant to ensure Rotarians to develop a viable project that is both impactful for the beneficiaries and aligned with Rotary values.

Partner Organisations:

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Dr. Phill Gittins
Photo of Phill.png

Rotary Peace Fellow - Chulalongkorn University (2012)

Education Director, World BEYOND War 

Alison Sutherland
Alison profile picture.jpg

President Rotary Action Group for Peace

University of Durham, UK

Amardeep Kainth

Community Development Consultant 

Rotary Peace Fellow, ICU Class XII 

Sibylle Rupprecht

Founding member Rotary Club Genève International and Rotary Action Group for Peace, Swiss Liechtenstein Chapter,

Co-chair RPPI

Director and Trainer at Arete Academy Geneva

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