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Vital initiatives to build resilient and stable communities


The devastating impacts of climate change are being felt across the world and within all socio-economic groups.


The link between climate change, conflict and competition for natural resources is particularly relevant for those living in poverty, where resource scarcity often leads to conflict and forced migration. Preventative measures can help communities reduce vulnerability and anticipate conflict.

Climate change is a broad, cross-cutting issue, so our projects ideas are anchored in relevant thematic areas reflecting the expertise of our working group: water resource management, education and outreach, early warning, and the empowerment of youth and women. In addition, our strong focus on water access and water information will aim to identify linkages to the urgent issue of clean water access in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our five projects present opportunities for engagement by Rotarians, who can get involved by identifying/implementing appropriate tools and capacity building measures that address the challenges facing vulnerable populations in the context of climate change. These projects will be steered by global experts in the field of climate change. 

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1. Project: Promoting responsible ASM practices and monitoring of water quality in mining communities in Ghana. Project Details here

2. Project: Capacity Enhancement for forecasting for Tana/Athi River Basins. Project Details here

3. “The voice of the river, a global voice”:            Watch the Video

Fleuve Sénégal, a transboundary basin (Guinea, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal) is confronted with governance issues and competing interests around water usage, which are exacerbated by climate change and desertification. The project builds on Geneva Water Hub`s efforts to address community-level, water-related, micro-conflicts in the Sahel region. Key components include: youth and women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, grassroots development and cultural considerations.


4. Eau Tour du Rhône - The Rhône: from its source in Switzerland to its delta in France. Project Details here.                                       Watch the Video

Nicolas D. Lorne

President and co-founder

of Waterpreneurs

Sallie Lacy
Sallie Lacy.jpg

2007 Rotary Peace Fellow, University of Queensland. Climate Change Project Leader, EBP Switzerland

Rose Osinde Alabaster

Co-ordinator CREWS Sub-Project, World Meteorological Organization

Elisa Hernández de Pablo

Rotary Peace Fellow - Class 24, Chulalongkorn 2018, Head of Environment at La Casa Encendida. La Casa Encendida is a vanguard social, cultural and educational center in Madrid

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