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New Technology and Peace


Nelson Mandela once said “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”.




Echoing his wisdom, we invite you to join us in harnessing the power of new technologies to build more peaceful communities and to help prepare new young leaders for their future roles.



Big Data, and Digitization have revolutionized how we work, learn, and live, so our projects will leverage these new instruments to promote cyber fluency and help high-risk youth gain cutting-edge skill sets for the job market and to change attitudes or stereotypes regarding their worth. Our projects also use digitalization to support the education of high-risk adolescents, during war and pandemics, thus facilitating their reconciliation with, and re-integration into, their communities.

Contact: Muyi Yang at


Project 1: Transforming High-Risk Youth in Post-Conflict Society From Gang Violence, Drug Addiction, and Trauma to Community Leader Using Digitization and Gamification, Syria  - Project Details here



Project 2: Reducing dehumanization and support for violence in Nigeria - Project Details here

Project 3: SurgiBox: An operating theatre in a backpack system that aims to improve access to safe surgical care in conflict, humanitarian crisis and austere settings - Project Details here




All of our projects are designed according to the requirements of the Global Grant with a sustainable, clear, and measurable results, such as the recidivism rate and subsequent employment record of our participants. Our projects ensure the close engagement of Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotarians, and experts both locally and abroad.



Jia (Muyi) Yang

Rotary Peace Fellow based in Uppsala, Sweden with extensive experiences in community building and a focus on high-risk juveniles

Karen Bernstein
Professional Photo.png

Rotary World Peace Scholar and the program lead of the Decoding Dehumanization Project at Beyond Conflict. 

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