Health as a Pillar of Peace



Contributing to positive peace by enhancing well-being of mothers and children



Health issues transcend political, economic, social, and ethnic divisions among peoples and provide a nexus for dialogue at multiple levels.


Better health outcomes directly enhance a person’s ability to take an active and productive part in life and thereby contribute to equality of opportunity. Through family planning projects we want to especially empower women, at the same time decrease population pressure and the tensions that come with it. Lastly, by aiming at children to live a life where they can enjoy their rights and where they can overcome troubles and develop freely, we tend to contribute to a more peaceful future.


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Project   1: Contributing to positive peace by enhancing wellbeing of mothers and children, India. Project Details here


Project 2: Ni Abacu - Prevention and treatment of diabetes, hypertension and cervical carcinoma and help to people suffering from these, Burundi. Project Details here



Project 3: Burn Victim Treatment Unit in Nepal - A Rotary Club Project. Project Details here





Eva Czermak
Narayan Chetry
Partner Organisations
Louis Mujawamariya, MD, vice-president of Fondation Ubuzima “La Vie”
Paranjoy Bardoloi, PhD, Directorate of Health Services, Govt. of Assam, India
Ndayirukiye Jean Pierre, MD,MPH
Local Rotary Clubs
Budin Borthakur, India

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