Promote Gender Equality as a Force for Peace

Gender equality is one of the key components of positive peace.

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Countries are more peaceful and prosperous when women have equal rights and opportunities. Involving the whole of society in peace and security, leads to more sustainable peace.


Research shows that the single greatest predictor of a nation at war is not the level of wealth or democracy, or the presence of religious/ethnic conflict, but rather the level of violence perpetrated against women. The status of women is not only the single greatest predictor of state stability, but women themselves have the capacity to be powerful agents in conflict prevention and resolution. Even within relatively peaceful states, higher levels of gender equality correspond to a lower propensity for conflict.


Our starting point is that peace starts from the home, therefore we need peaceful and prosperous homes and individuals in order to have peaceful and prosperous societies. With our work, we fight against the so-called “structures and cultures of violence” to foster more equal, peaceful, and thriving societies where everyone would have equal opportunities, and children would have healthy and carefree childhoods.


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Project 1: Safe Home – Fighting domestic violence in Switzerland / International Project Details here

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Project 2: Gender Violence: Hospital-based Prevention, Treatment and Safety Interventions in Kenya Project Details here

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