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Rotaract for Peace: Bridging the Gap


Peace, more than an idea


Every decision made today is based on the events of the past and will affect the events of the future. Conflict can be inherited, passed down through generations, but peace must be built by and for every generation, together. 


Why do YOU want peace? 


When answering this question, many people say that they want peace in order to ensure that future generations grow up in a safe and conflict-free world. A better world than the one that they themselves were born into. So it makes sense that in order to build long-lasting, positive peace, the voices of every generation are important. The world is changing at a rapid pace and new ideas develop and spread more globally than ever before and, as a result, dialogue between people of all ages is crucial.


For this reason, Rotaract for Peace seeks to become the bridge between Rotaract and Rotary to take action and join forces in order to develop the Rotary focus area of Promoting Peace.


Together Rotary represents multiple generations who all have lessons to teach and new ideas to learn. Rotary as an organization bridges generations. 

Contact Kalyssa Heinrich at for any of the Projects


  1. “My first approach to positive peace in Colombia.” Give children a basic level of understanding in positive Peace through education to create awareness of the importance of positive Peace in all our lives. (Colombia)

  2. “Education and opportunities for street children.” Educate parents on the importance of investing in education for their children, who would otherwise, due to financial difficulties, be forced to find food and work rather than study. (India)
  3. “Sustainable sugarcane production.” Develop a sugar cane production system that keeps the potential life of soils using fewer chemicals and reduces soil deterioration as well as reducing the water contamination due to treatments. (Colombia)

  4.  “Positive peace for all.” Create a social media campaign that educates everyone (not just Rotary people) about positive Peace and motivate them to exercise their freedom, then to make their own steps towards reinforcing each one of the positive peace pillars. (Mexico)

  5. “I can be my own saviour.” Empower people through educational workshops in towns with the most significant poverty by generating team building across their neighbours, so they can work together towards improving their situation (Mexico)

  6. “El Faro (The Lighthouse)” The El Faro (The Lighthouse) project is an innovation centre for Peace and human development which focuses on providing tools and methodologies for learning to children, youth and adults in the areas of Peace. (Colombia)

  7. Empower local economic development in victims of conflict.” Empower victims of conflict, ex-guerrilla members and vulnerable communities, to grow the local economy, construct Peace, and implement sustainable development in their territories. (Colombia)

  8. Ma nxu: Our home, our house in Otomi language.” Provide and create employment opportunities for the inhabitants of the Ecatepec community through entrepreneurship and social responsibility workshops to make a new social environment. (Mexico)

  9. “We are Culture” Manage the design and creation of a community online radio led by young farmers from Sumapaz which strengthens their cultural spaces, communication, and freedom of expression with dynamic scenarios dedicated to consolidating Peace with a territorial approach. (Colombia)

  10. “The Planet is our Home” Through education, we create awareness in people of the importance of recycling and taking care of water sources to recognize the vital work carried out by waste pickers while making change. (Colombia)

  11. “Environmental Child Education” Secure better standards of living and a bright future for the next generation by promoting environmental responsibilities for all citizens and educating communities on the importance of working together to protect the environment. (India)

in addition to above:

Don't fight, talk it out, Turkey. Project Details here






Abraham Cifuentes

Abraham Cifuentes chair of the conferenc

Chair of Conference

Adriana Eraso

Adriana Eraso Co-Chair of the conference

Co-Chair of Conference

Alejandra Rodrigues

Alejandra Rodriguez leader of activities

Leader of Activities and Events Committee

Manuela Cordoba

Manuela Cordoba coordinator of activitie

Coordinator of Activities and Events Committee

Maria Arevalo

Maria Arevalo leader of marketing commit

Leader of Marketing Committee

Deban Datta

Deban Datta coordinator of marketing com

Coordinator of Marketing Committee

Alejandro Guttierez

Alejandro Gutierrez leader of public rel

Leader of Public Relations

Catherin Corrales

Catherin Corrales coordinator of public

Coordinator of Public Relations

Liliana Buitrago

Liliana Buitrago coordinator of finances

Coordinator of Finances

Kalyssa Heinrich

Kalyssa Heinrich, relation between RPPI

Coordinator between RPPI and R4Pf

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