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Peace, more than an idea


Every decision made today is based on the events of the past and will affect the events of the future. Conflict can be inherited, passed down through generations, but peace must be built by and for every generation, together. 


Why do YOU want peace? 


When answering this question, many people say that they want peace in order to ensure that future generations grow up in a safe and conflict-free world. A better world than the one that they themselves were born into. So it makes sense that in order to build long-lasting, positive peace, the voices of every generation are important. The world is changing at a rapid pace and new ideas develop and spread more globally than ever before and, as a result, dialogue between people of all ages is crucial.


For this reason, Rotaract for Peace seeks to become the bridge between Rotaract and Rotary to take action and join forces in order to develop the Rotary focus area of Promoting Peace.


Rotary as an organization bridges generations. 


Interactors are the teenagers and young students filled with bright ideas who are just discovering what they have to offer to the world.


Rotaractors are the young professionals and university students who are working hard to make their voices heard and dreams possible in a complicated and global world. 


Rotarians are the established community members who have participated in and experienced the ups and downs of the past and continue to work to improve the world today.


Rotary Peace Fellows are professionals of all ages with work experience in peace and conflict prevention and resolution around the world.


Together Rotary represents multiple generations who all have lessons to teach and new ideas to learn.


The Rotaract World Peace Conference from August 8th to 9th 2020:


The Rotaract World Peace Conference is a space created by Rotaractors for Rotaractors to exchange ideas, get inspired, and share projects that promote peacemaking in communities around the world. Over 600 people will virtually gather together for the two-day conference to learn from past peace-projects in order to develop new projects for the future.


The conference will culminate with time for Rotaractors to create their own peace projects. Over the course of the following weeks, projects will continue to develop and the final projects will be presented at the Rotarian Peace Projects Incubator in Geneva Switzerland in November.


Our Team:


Rotaract for Peace is a movement of Rotaractors whose objective is inspiring the creation of projects dedicated to peace, with the goal of generating tools that allow execution of high impact projects and encourage sustainability. The details of those continuing to work on project proposals will be announced after August 9th.

Abraham Cifuentes

Adriana Eraso

Alejandra Rodrigues

Manuela Cordoba

Maria Arevalo

Deban Datta

Catherin Corrales

Alejandro Guttierez

Liliana Buitrago

Kalyssa Heinrich

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