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300$ to realise your dream - investing into the future of women and families

Empowering Marginalized Women in Rural Northern Uganda

TCP Global builds zero-overhead, sustainable micro-loan programs in 142 underserved communities around the world. We seek your assistance to expand programs in the Yumbe District of Northern Uganda where 963 borrowers in 32 women’s Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) received loans worth $363,000 in under two years with a 100% repayment rate.

This program includes seven VSLAs in the BidiBidi camp for South Sudanese refugees. Affordable loans of $90 to $260 enable women to increase incomes so they can pay school fees and their children no longer go to bed hungry and some bought land to build a home.

They are empowered to speak out on community issues and surprisingly, they report that domestic violence is virtually eliminated for several reasons:

1) asking husbands for money for school fees and food was a source of tension;

2) poverty makes people anxious and tense and quick to anger;

3) success brings the women more respect in the home.

Women who used to sell on a mat on the street in the hot sun can now rent a space in the covered market but they still have bigger dreams. With more funds, they aspire to increase their average loan size to $300 so they can realize those dreams.

Women are strong pillars of the community

TCP Global exemplifies the goals of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between RI and Peace Corps in 2014 to promote collaboration between the two organizations.

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