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The first stage incorporates the didactic management of an LMS (Learning Management System) with content

for students, teachers and attendees. In this phase, the participants will also have access to face-to-face

training, enforcing the pillars of Positive Peace through an Analog Kit that will be delivered to the institution

for the generation of a “BiblioBanco” that works in the long term. This indicates that PEACERS GO is

developed through blended learning.

This first stage will be developed with Instituto Colombiano de Bachillerato, located in Cali- Colombia in a

town where various social problems converge, such as displacement, drug use, domestic violence, situations

that in many cases are reflected in the school environment.

The project initially aims to benefit 180 students, 20 attendees and 10 teachers. Throughout the execution

process, virtual ethnography techniques will be implemented to identify opportunities for improvement and


The closure of this stage contemplates the formulation of individual and group projects that will later be made

visible through various platforms. The entire methodological proposal has been developed with the group of

experts from the EHS corporation (Educating We Make Society), experts in development of technological

solutions that promote the appropriation and social transformation of children and young people. around

various themes, including peace, and additionally, during its execution, assistance from the Institute for

Economics and Peace.

Diana A. Rivera P. (president of the Cali Norte Rotaract Club)


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